Sunday, 24 January 2016

Same Name, Different Song

You know what it's like. You play Alright by Cast and that makes you think of Alright by Supergrass.

You play Slide Away by The Verve and that makes you think of Slide Away by Oasis. And then you think, I wonder if we could make a whole show of different songs with the same name?

The problem surely though is would there be enough examples to fill a show? Short answer, yes. Lots actually. 160 to be exact.

The simpler the title the more likely there is be another song with the same name. There are 5 bands with a song called Blue; The Verve, McAlmont & Butler, The Bluetones, Elastica and SymposiumHowever there are also two bands (Echobelly and Libido) with a track called God's Guest List which feels a bit more random.

In the end we couldn't fit even half of them into the show but had a lot of fun finding these unusual partnerships. As always on our show we ended up with some big songs by big bands and some deliciously obscure stuff too (Hillman Minx B-side anyone?).

The show is available here:

And we've created a Spotify Playlist of all the songs we found (some of the more obscure stuff is not on Spotify though). If you can think of any that we missed just add them in the comments below.

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