Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Xmas Request Show now online

Our Xmas Request Show is now available to listen to again online.  Thanks for everyone who got in touch and took part, it was a lot of fun.

There are few studio gremlins at the start (during Spacehog), so apologies for that!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Playlist from Xmas Request Show

For the show today I handed over control to you guys and from Facebook and Twitter you came up with loads and loads of great songs.  In fact we got so many requests that we couldn't fit them all in the show, so apologies if yours was one of the ones that we didn't have time for.  I was just pleased that we had all of the songs that you asked for!

It was a lot of fun to do and we'll definitely try that again at some point.

Songs played:
    1. In The Meantime - Spacehog
    2. Stay - 60ft Dolls
    3. Motorcycle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers
    4. Marblehead Johnson - The Bluetones
    5. Christmas Day (I Wish I Was Surfing) - Tim Wheeler & Emmy The Great
    6. I Believe - Tim Booth & Angelo Badalamenti
    7. Three Points on A Compass - Martin Rossiter
    8. Scream - Echobelly
    9. Common People - William Shatner
    10. Stripper Vicar - Mansun
    11. This Could Be My Moment - The Verve
    12. Wonderwall - Oasis
    13. Half A World Away - Oasis
    14. Another Flavour - The Sundays
    15. Songs Of Love - The Divine Comedy
    16. Metal Mickey - Suede
    17. What Do I Do Now? - Sleeper
    18. I Was Born On Christmas Day - St. Etienne
    19. Time For You - Speedy
    20. Stand By Me - Oasis
    21. Country House - Blur
    22. Disco Down - Shed Seven
    23. Beautiful Alone - Strangelove
    24. Flawed Is Beautiful - These Animal Men
    25. Last Christmas - James Dean Bradfield
    26. Merry Xmas Everybody - Noel Gallagher

Friday, 14 December 2012

The lost Britpop album... Out Now!

After 15 years...

The great lost Britpop album is found...

Speedy – News from Nowhere

                       Speedy were:
            • Philip Watson - Vocals
            • Bronwen Stone - Drums
            • Moony Wainwright - Bass
            • Paul Turner - Keyboards
            • Richard Sutcliffe - Guitar

I'm flattered that people have somehow found, like and now want to share this album. Also slightly embarrassed. But only slightly. It's alright.” (Philip Watson)

Read about how we found out about News from Nowhere in this blog post.

The 'forthcoming album' is finally here, just 15 years late
Let us know what you think here, on Twitter and on Facebook!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Strangeways, Here We Come

I'm delighted to be able to announce that from next month I will be hosting a weekly show on Strangeways Radio, an Internet radio station based not in Manchester but Michigan (not that these things really matter on t'internet).

Strangeways describe themselves as "Providing listeners with an alternative to the repetitive crap on commercial radio" so I think we're going to be a very good fit!

The remit for the show will be slightly broader than for the Phonic show, representing not only the classic Britpop era but also giving us scope to play some of the bands that set the scene (Madchester, shoegaze etc) as well as those post-Britpop band who carried on the spirit.

The exact timings are still to be finalised but we're looking at a time slot that will enable the States to listen in the afternoon and the UK/Europe in the evening so that we can spread the word the largest possible audience.

The station has some really diverse, interesting and alternative shows and I would definitely recommend checking them out at www.strangewaysradio.com 

I'm really excited about this and I hope that you'll be able listen in and let me know what you think.

Strangeways, here we come!