Sunday, 9 February 2014

Which is your favourite post 2000 Oasis single?

Oasis are often thought of as the definitive 90s band but they actually released more albums in the decade that followed (4; Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants, Heathen Chemistry, Don't Believe The Truth & Dig Out Your Soul) than in the nineties.

However we often see comments on our Facebook page in response to some of their later singles along the lines of "they never did anything decent after Morning Glory".  I don't agree.

One of the problems that Oasis face is that Definitely Maybe and (What's The Story) Morning Glory? not only sold in vast volumes, they also connected with the record buying public in a way that few albums do.  They mean so much to so many people that the rest of their output suffers in comparison.  Where the later albums differ for me is in their consistency, you would struggle to identify songs that you'd call 'filler' on the first two, it's not so hard later on.  You could make two great albums out of the four actual ones, though their ardent fans (of which there are still many) would doubtless disagree.

However I have always thought that the quality of Oasis' singles, including those released after the nineties, was excellent and we want to showcase that on the show.  So we're asking our listeners to vote for their favourite post 2000 Oasis single and then we'll play the ones that come out on top.

Vote below!

Which is your favourite post 2000 Oasis single?

Go Let It Out0%
Who Feels Love?0%
Sunday Morning Call0%
The Hindu Times0%
Stop Crying Your Heart Out0%
Little By Little0%
The Importance Of Being Idle0%
Let There Be Love0%
Lord Don't Slow Me Down0%
The Shock Of The Lightning0%
I'm Outta Time0%
Falling Down0%

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