Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Baby I'm ready to go

Well after waiting for a while I now have the date for the first radio show and it is this Sunday (18th Nov, 2pm).  This has sparked off a flurry of activity at Britpop Towers (i.e. my living room), getting the playlist sorted out and trying to check that I've got at least a bit of info about the tunes that I'll be playing.

I'm going to try and run the whole thing from my laptop but with a stash of CDs as backups in case it all goes Pete Tong.  I'm even trying to get things synced to my phone as a backup backup but that's not working quite as planned! (Never buy a HTC Wildfire S - piece of crap).

I think you'll like the songs I've picked for this first show.  It was tempting to stick all the huge hits in but then again we can't be playing Parklife and Wonderwall every show!  There is still plenty of stuff that everyone will know, some that I think you'll remember when you hear them and one or two that I have found for the first time.  Throw in a couple of B sides, old takes from radio sessions and the odd acoustic or demo version and it feels like a good mix.  After the show I'll put the track listing up here and on Facebook.

This will be my first radio show so expect the odd minor cock-up.  I'll be honest, there are a few nerves but its also something I'm really excited about too so I'm looking forward to it.  Lots of preparation to do first though.  Fortunately the good folk at Phonic FM are providing a 'minder' for me so there is somewhere to turn if it all goes pear-shaped!

For future shows we have guests, interviews and hopefully a couple of live sessions planned but for right now, the simpler the better.

Oh yes, don't forget to tune in if you can!  If you happen to live in Exeter its 106.8FM, otherwise get the live stream at  We'll be checking Twitter and Facebook throughout the show so let me know how its going and I'll give you a shout!

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  1. Guess will be hearing some Republica too (as the title suggests...).

    Best wishes,